Cookies Anyone?

Life sometimes runs in themes. I had a string of brides named Jennifer, three clients that live on the same street and another two that live in the same building and none of them know one another. My last two portrait commissions were for bakers…cookie bakers. I was delighted to shoot an author photo for Dawn Casale and Dave Crofton of everybody’s favorite Brooklyn bakery One Girl Cookies. They have a cookbook coming out in January that I can’t wait to own called  “One Girl Cookies: Recipes for Cakes, Cupcakes, Whoopie Pies and Cookies from Brooklyn’s Beloved Bakery.” We shot in their lovely home and Dawn’s make-up was done by Raychel Wade of Cheek to Chic.

The next portrait was of Sara Leand the lady behind Sara Snacker “a milk and cookies company” and her two children. This shot will be used for promo and recently ran in the Rye Record.

There is a connection with these two projects ( unlike my other coincidences ). I’ve done work on both web sites and Luke of Bunting Group was the matchmaker.

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