Dina & Peter at the Bryant Park Grill

Dina & Peter held their wedding at the Bryant Park Grill. This venue has it all, the park, a great terrace and a lovely party space that has wonderful lighting and delicious food. I think this wedding is a perfect one to show you the elements I like to focus on when I shoot. The details and scenics give you a sense of place. The family portraits are essential but should also be fun and full of life. Most importantly of all, the candids should tell the story and show the joy. If you were there you’ll relive the day, if you weren’t, you can feel the fun and warmth  in the photos.spencer1000


  • December 5, 2009 - 10:19 pm

    leslie dumke - man o man. you are so talented. i love the art, the energy, the crisp shots, the wide angles. you’ve got it all. i’d pay $10k for your coverage alone. all of those images could be in the NYTIMES. you go girl! miss you, LED

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