Sunday Suppers Workshop with Aran Goyoaga – Day One with Wildman Steve Brill

Earlier this month Sunday Suppers held a two day food photography workshop, Foraging & Styling with Aran Goyoaga.  Aran’s food blog Cannelle et Vanille has been a showcase for her delicious recipes in addition to her beautiful photography. Her blog has twice been nominated for a James Beard Award and it’s easy to get lost looking at all the wonderful recipes and photos. Aran also styles the shots, so her personal touch is in every corner.

Day one, foraging, started with none other than “Wildman” Steve Brill and a two hour wildcrafting tour in Crestwood, NY. Steve’s been leading these excursions for 30 plus years and is truly outstanding in the field in more ways than one ( sorry, couldn’t resist ). He also has a few apps available that make it even more informative. In addition to finding some tasty leaves, seeds and barks that you can eat, brew or cook with, he makes sure to point out the poison ivy as well. Steve is a fun and generous person and the first part of the day was a hoot.

The second part of day one began with an amazingly styled picnic lunch by Sunday Supper’s Karen Mordechai. Of course the point was to shoot before you eat, incorporating some of what was found that day, into the shots. Aran spoke about location light and how she approaches an editorial assignment. The travel day outside of the city ended with a wonderful lunch and conversation amongst the group.

coming up next Day Two


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