Our Dinner at The Catbird Seat in Nashville

Last month my husband and I took a long awaited trip to Memphis and Nashville. I swear the TV show had nothing to do with it. I really have always wanted to go. One of the highlights was our dinner at The Catbird Seat. This restaurant has been appearing on “best of” lists all over the place. We were seated around a U shaped bar while a 10 course tasting menu was prepared for our enjoyment. It’s part dinner, part theater. You could say it’s the real interpretation of “dinner theater” where the food is also the show.  Chefs Josh Habiger and Eric Anderson formerly of Noma, Alinea and The French Laundry put on a fabulous meal. The ballet of their precision prep and plating kept us amused in-between courses as well.

Writing about food is not my forte, so allow me to show you what we ate. At the end of the meal we received a sort of menu with a listing of ingredients. The photos are captioned with these descriptions.


Porcini and Parmesan cookie

Scallop Cone    Bacon, Egg and Cheese   Hot Chicken Skin

Albacore with Citrus, Chilies, Cilantro, Basil and Sea BeansAsparagus, Egg Yolk, Iberico Ham, Caviar, Potato/Onion Crumble, Chive Blossom – and something I can’t decipher from the handwritingHalibut, Carabinero, Ramp sauce, Snap Peas, BBQ Leeks and Carrots
Rabbit, Morels, Smoked Yogurt and WatercressVeal, Chard, Oyster, Parsley, LemonHudson Red Profiterole with Burned Sugar, Herbs and Apricot1.) Eucalyptus Crisp, Coconut Fluff, Milk Chocolate Ice Cream, Tangerine Dots, Sweet & Salty Plantain  2.) Pineapple Gelee, Oakwood Ice Cream, Vanilla Cake, Bourbon Beads and Cherry Crisp  3.) Maple Bacon Custard with Thyme


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